Our Story - David Tofterup

David Tofterup

David Tofterup was born in the town of Esbjerg, in the Danish peninsula, in 1975. It was after writing an essay about his passion and dream of having his own winery that his tutor recognized his interest and potential in becoming a winemaker. With this initial encouragement, and a dreamer who never stopped dreaming, David began his journey in fulfilling his dream.

At the age of 15 he migrated with his family to the Costa del Sol in Spain, and it was here that his interest in the Spanish language, culture, gastronomy and wine took form. Moving back to Copenhagen on his own at the age of 18, he graduated from Copenhagen Business College in 1995. He became a skilled wine cellar master in 1998 and started on his adventures travelling around the world, working as an assistant winemaker in wineries in Spain, France, Chile and California. In 2001 he settled on the Spanish Mediterranean coast where he became head winemaker for Vinnico Export (link), a +1.000.000 case wine export company.

At Vinnico Export David has created the company's award winning wine collections, Flor de Montgó, Capa, Radio Boca and Aventino. In order to keep himself up to date with the latest theories and constant evolution of the wine industry, he has been taking distance courses in Viticulture and Enology with the University of California, Davis. Appreciation for quality wine and food has been a passion of David's since his early years. His interest for wines, however, was not just limited to consuming, but went deeper, as he was also interested in the art and technique of winemaking. His dream was to one day make his own wine in a style that reflects his personality, and to some day take pride in sharing it with those who would appreciate it for its craftsmanship. Trenza is the dream made reality. David's passion for wine is something that has been encouraged and shared within his family. The first release, Trenza 2004, it called Family Collection because of the continued support and encouragement David received from his family.