The Region - The Braid of Grapes


Also known as Mourvèdre in southern France, and as Mataro in the New Wine World. It can be quite a productive variety, but yields are naturally kept low due to and the age of the vines and no irrigation. This leaves only 1-1,5 kilos of grapes per vine, yielding tiny, thick skinned and very intensely flavoured grapes rich in sugar at the time of harvest, resulting in wines rich in fruit, high alcohol and lots of soft tannins, giving the wine structure necessary for it to age well in the bottle. The wine produced from this grape tend have intense fruit with aromas reminiscent of black cherries, plums and hints of game.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The world’s most renowned black grape variety. The berries are tiny with thick skins giving wines with intense dark colors and intense tannins giving the wine excellent ability to age. Aromas and flavors are rich with characters of blackcurrant, combined with tobacco and spices. In the Trenza, the Cabernet Sauvignon gives aromas and flavors as well as tannin, resulting in a wine with great aging potential.


One of the noblest and currently most fashinable black varieties. The grape known to originate from the southern Rhône, where today it is often blended with Mourvèdre, Grenache and Cinsault, resulting in big wines that age very well. It can be a very productive variety, and green harvesting is necessary in order for the remaining clusters to develop more concentrated colors and flavors. The wine results in flavors that are reminiscent of dark berry fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, violets, and may draw out more spicy and smoky characteristics with aging. The grapes for Trenza come from one of the lowest yielding and oldest plantings in the region.

Garnacha Tintorera

Also known as Alicante Bouchet. It is famous for its intensely red colored flesh, refreshing and intense tannin structure. It is quite a productive variety, however the yields are reduced to just 6-8 clusters per vine in order to concentrate color, aromas, flavors and tannins. In the blend, although representing the minority, Garnacha Tintorera gives more structure, refreshing acidity and darker color, resulting in a wine that will age and develop positively over many years.


One of the world most popular grape varieties with origin in Bordeaux. Merlot gives aromas reminiscent of plums, black cherries, lush fruit with hint of berry, and with age it may develop notes of tobacco, cappuccino and forest floor. It has soft tannins and contributes with a smooth silky palate. Due to it’s early maturing, Merlot doesn’t always reach perfect aromatic ripeness in Yecla. It is therefore only used in the best years for our Trenza Family Collection. When ripened well, it’s richness and concentration will ensure the wine to develop beautifully for more than a decade.