Great Review from Andrup Vins DK highlights our new award-winning release of Realizado, with a fantastic announcement: NEW! Impressive wine from Bodegas Trenza! Bodegas Trenza is our good producer in south-eastern Spain, which is run by the Danish winemakers and brothers Jonas and David Tofterup . From here they produce wines in small quantities under the name Bodegas... Read more

Trenza Family: Perfect for your Christmas Meal

Trenza Family Collection has always been our top selection for the Christmas celebrations, but is it fantastic to see that it has been chosen by Mad & Monopolet Denmark - (Food and Monopoly) as one of their top three choices of wine to go along with all the wonderful holiday meals this year! Rating it 94/100pts it is worth checking out the full article: ... Read more

Naked Wines Nominee 2022 Winemaker of the Year

Wow a thrilled to be nominated as Naked Wines´ Winemaker of the Year 2022, for the second time in a row! This year the Brothers do it together, having served up another year of fantastic quality wines that the Angels are going crazy for! We could not be more proud of this great achievement and are hopeful the title will be ours.

Harvest 2022

We are living the moment with the Harvest 2022. Excitement builds as the tanks and barrels fill with vibrant colours of ruby red and deep garnet with the unique smells of fermentation permeate the cellar. We live for these two months of non stop physical labor knowing that with the coming of summer we will get to relax and enjoy the wonderful fruits of our labor with family and friends. Cheers and wishing all a fantastically... Read more

Sahara Sands Paint the Vineyards Red

There is always a crazy time of the year where the red sands from the Sahara Desert circle around in the Spanish air creating an eerie color of red before it showers down. Even though we have come to expect it, somehow, we never seem to get over the shock of the sky opening up and pouring down on us litres of red clay-like sand - barro. Although it makes a mess of our homes and cars we cannot help but to admire the... Read more

...and the award goes to, Iberian Wine Academy!

What a moment for Jonas Tofterup MW, as his dedication to wine education paid off yesterday evening when the The International Wine Challenge, awarded him and his academy, Iberian Wine Academy the title of BEST EDUCATIONAL CENTRE in Spain. Bodegas Trenza could not be more proud of his accomplishments and were thrilled to celebrate in this very special achievement.

Bodegas Trenza at Guia Peñin Salon de los Mejores 2021

What a great experience to be able to share of our range of wines at the Guia Peñin Salon de los Mejores, celebrated 22-23 November 2021 in Madrid. We thanks those who came by our table to have a taste of Rizado Monastrell with 93 points & Trenza Family Collection with 93 points as well as the deliciously young wines; La Nymphina Monastrell, La Orphica Iluminada and La Orphica... Read more

Another Great Year of Award Winning Wines

Bodegas Trenza wines had another amazing year with Guia Peñin Wine Guide 2022 and we are extremely excited to share the amazing results. We are thrilled that the new vintage of Rizado Old Vines Monastrell 2017 did it again scoring a strong 93 points! News that should be celebrated! This year, we so happy to have the opportunity to participate XXI SALÓN DE LOS MEJORES VINOS... Read more