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Trenza Family Collection

Let Bodegas Trenza help your sales succeed with Trenza Family Collection!

Bodegas Trenza has created this very important section of our webpage for the hard working Sales Force out there, dedicated to introducing Trenza Family Collection to the World. Without them, this delicious wine would never reach the public. When telling the story of Trenza Family Collection, it is always important to remember the THREE KEY TALKING POINTS:

I. FAMILY: Trenza is all about FAMILY and two talented, experienced winemaking brothers, The Tofterup Brothers, who have braided together their a passions and experiences in life to make this deliciously creative Monastrell blend.
·David Tofterup Two time Winemaker of the Year for UEC young spanish wine competition.
·Jonas Tofterup First Dane to earn title Master of Wine

II. GRAPES:Trenza is all about weaving together Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon & Garnacha Tintorera to create a handcrafted wine that show both power yet grace, and illuminates each fruit as they together form a braid of complex flavors and aromas in complete harmony.

III. HANDS-ON: Trenza is about being 100% hands-on for our winemaker, David Tofterup. Each vineyard and cluster of grape that goes into Trenza Family Collection is harvested by hand. Each cluster of grape is hand pick and put into small cases of max 15 kilos. This small cases allow for a gentle transportation of the grapes from the vineyards to the cellar. They are chilled for 24 before a small crew hand sorts the clusters as they are processed for whole berry fermentation.

We thank you Sales Force, and we hope to make all your jobs a little easier by provided you with all you will need to be more successful. Included in this section you have downloadable logos, product specification sheets, bottle images and POS merchandise. We will continue to update this section with new material, so do not be a stranger to us!

Please remember is a place for you, so if you have any suggestion as to what could be of more help in your market, please feel free to contact us at

See you in the Market!

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