The Year Anniversary of Institute of Masters of Wine Award Ceremony 2019

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A Celebration to Remember

Bodegas Trenza looks back on and shares how pleased we were to be a part of The Institute of Masters of Wine Annual Awards Ceremony 2019. We would like to re-share with you the amazing experience as Jonas Tofterup was presented his certificate and official title of Master of Wine and also the exclusive honour to have Bodegas Trenza wines served to all those taking part of these celebrations.

5 November 2019
Vintners´ Hall, London

5 November 2019 will go down in the books as one of the most amazing nights for Bodegas Trenza´s very own Jonas Tofterup as he was called up on to the stage by The Institute of Masters of Wine, Executive Director, Rufus Olins, to receive his official certificate and title Master of Wine. This was a dream made a reality for this young danish winemaker and his enthusiasm did not go unnoticed by both the Institution and fellow Inductees.

“The first Danish Master of Wine” Rufus begins stopping for only the briefest moments to raise his eyebrows and pull as small smirk as the audience erupts into laughter ”...pleased, we congratulate Jonas Tofterup”.

Jonas approaches the stage with both hands pumping the air in celebration, he embraces current chairman, Adrian Garforth. Now having possession of this much desired certificate, Jonas, like no other, falls to both knees on the stage holding his title proudly above his head in celebration. No words are needs at the joy and excitement are clear to all present.

Jonas was joined at the lovely Vintners Hall, London for this momentous achievement, by his wife, Beatriz as well as the rest of his supportive family, Eva Vig, Kurt Tofterup, Flemming Boyd, Sarah and Henrik Tofterup-Hansen as well as his older brother business partner at Bodegas Trenza, David Tofterup.

No only did the Bodegas Trenza family get to share in this celebration but our wines as well. Served in the most elegant of fashion and amongst the best were La Nymphina Monastrell 2017 and Trenza Family Collection 2016. An amazing honour we will never forget.

Like so many moments this is one that will be remembered, celebrated and cherished for a life time!
Congratulations to all the 2019 Masters of Wine and our very own, Jonas Tofterup MW.

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