Fruitful Stories of Grapes

The Mystery behind the Monastrell

There are may hidden secrets behind the Monastrell grape of which are its two aliases Mourvèdre and Mataro.

Monastrell regardless of what it is called is often the hidden secret behind a quality blend. It is a grape variety that is best known coming from the premium wine regions of Rhone Valley, France; California, United States ; Adelaide and McLaren Vale, Australia. With all the glamor that these regions offer Monastrell is indigenous to Spain. The first records of the Monastrell varietal was found 500 years BC in the subregions of Valencia, Spain. In present time, the Monastrell continues to thrive in Spain, settling its roots in the South Eastern regions of Spain. It can be quite a productive variety, but yields are naturally kept low due to the age of the vines and no irrigation. This leaves only 1-1,5 kilos of grapes per vine, yielding tiny, thick skinned and very intensely flavoured grapes rich in sugar at the time of harvest, resulting in wines rich in fruit, high alcohol and lots of soft tannins, giving the wine structure necessary for it to age well in the bottle. The wine produced from this grape tend have intense fruit with aromas reminiscent of black cherries, plums and hints of game.

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