Climate of Yecla

Nature & Nurture

Yecla Climate can only be described as extreme

Being one of the driest wine growing areas of the World, the harsh summers can often be described as desert-like

The Climate in Yecla is Continental Dry and can only be described as extreme!

What we mean by Continental dry is that the winters that can be extremely cold (as low as -15°C), and summers extremely hot (39-42°C). This is one of the driest wine growing areas in the world with annual precipitations between 200­-300 mm. Since irrigation is limited to only a small percentage of the vineyards, conditions are often extremely challenging for the vines, and yields must be kept very low to ensure they fully ripeness. Skies are often clear providing more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. Due to the high altitude and the clear star nights, temperatures often drop below 12°C at night time in the late ripening season. This prolongs the ripening period enhancing the aroma development, intensifying the colour and retaining high natural acidity. This combined with low yields results in exceptionally concentrated wines.

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