Welcome to a Bodegas Trenza World

Wine as a Lifestyle

Welcome to a Bodega Trenza World

A kind note from Founder & Winemaker, David Tofterup

Hello, I am David Tofterup, founder and winemaker here at Bodegas Trenza, the man behind:Rizado Old Vines Monastrell, Trenza Family Collection, La Nymphina and La Ophica Collection. I just wanted to write a small welcome note to all of you to thank you for your interest in discovering more about Bodegas Trenza wines. Let me tell you, I have come a long way from that impressionable young danish boy who admiringly watched my parents dabbling in homemade “basement” wines, a funny tale I can save for another time. Little did my parents know that their failures at “basement” wine would plant the seed within me to become what I am today: a passionate winemaker, a dreamer and a creator who lets the terroirs guide me and the grapes inspire me every bit of the way.

We hope to create a dynamic and ever changing webpage, where you can read our stories and learn more about the Art of Wine, Nature & Nurture, Fruitful Stories of Grapes, and Wine as a Lifestyle so please stay connected to us!

For me, like most winemakers, what I do is not a job, it is a passion and a hobby and I pour every thing I love into every bottle and every glass. This is my craft but like most artist, I am encouraged and inspired by YOU. Your interactions and reactions to my creations keep me motivated, so I urge you to share with me and Bodegas Trenza your experiences because each unique tasting experience allows for a world of discovery; a moment where you can pull back the layers and find something new and different; interesting or deceptive; playful or serious.

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