Terroir of Yecla

Nature & Nurture

Terroir, What is it?

Terroir: is the natural braiding and coinciding of four essential earthly factors that present an active environment whereby the vines can both struggle and thrive and the grapes labor continuously in order to develop into ripe healthy clusters that embody, absorb and reflect where they come from…all that makes them a Yecla Monastrell Topography, Climate, Sunlight, Soil

The passion we have for Yecla Terroir can be tasted in every drop of our wines.

TOPOGRAPHY of vineyards used by Bodegas Trenza Wines ranges in altitude from 450-850 meters above sea level

Due to the high altitude and the clear star nights, temperatures often drop below 12°C at night time in the late ripening season. This prolongs the ripening period enhancing the aroma development, intensifying the colour and retaining high natural acidity. This combined with low yields results in exceptionally concentrated wines.

Skies are often clear providing more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. The intensity of the sun and UVB radiation gives the grapes thicker skins which offers the wines more color, nice age able tannins and intense flavors.

The soils in both sub regions are characterised by being generally very poor soils, rich in limestone and mineral, creating excellent drainage. Campo Abajo is situated 450 to 600 meters above sea level, and here the soils are richer in clay and humus than the higher located Campo Arriba, which is 700 to 850 meters above sea level. In Campo Arriba the landscape is in general stonier with little nutrients creating challenging and stressful conditions for the vines to grow.

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